AS Geography

Subject: Geography

Exam Syllabus: AQA

Course leader: Miss McKinley

Welcome to the Geography Dept at APS!

Welcome to A level Geography! We have carefully selected an exam course that allows you to study both Human and Physical Geography so that everyone will find something that they enjoy and discover topics that will be new to them from GCSE. You will be able to apply for a wide range of University courses after studying with us and Geography is a Russell Group Facilitating Subject, meaning that it is recognised by all of the top universities!

All geography A-levels are changing, so we will choose topics from the lists below. 

Physical geography

  • Water and carbon cycles
  • Hot desert environments and their margins
  • Coastal systems and landscapes
  • Hazards
  • Ecosystems under stress
  • Cold environments

Human geography

  • Global systems and global governance
  • Changing places
  • Contemporary urban environments
  • Population and the environment
  • Resource security

You will also be asked to choose a topic for ‘geographical investigation’ which you will write a report on. To practice your fieldwork skills there will be at least 2 fieldtrips: A day river study and a residential coast study. 

We look forward to seeing you in September!


Physical Geography:

With the aid of the internet and a relevant library book - Geography An Integrated Approach by David Waugh (pdf attached) complete the following research:

Waves and Tides

  1. Wave energy – The energy a wave possesses is dependent on 3 factors – what are they?
  2. Wave morphology - Draw a fully annotated sketch of a:
    • Destructive wave
    • Constructive wave
    • Wave refraction
    • Wave defraction
  3. Explain how a wave breaks
  4. With use of diagrams explain how tides work (include spring and neap tides)
Geography An Integrated Approach by David Waugh

Human Geography:

The population of the UK is ageing as people live longer and we chose to have less children. What problems might this cause for the UK? Your answer should be no longer than one side of A4.

These articles will help you:

To discover more about the subject at a higher level:

  • Geography is everywhere! It is good practice to get into the habit of looking at the news from a reputable source. Why not download the app to your phone.

  • Why not explore some of the TED talks about a wide range of topics: The Global Issues reports are interesting!

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