BTEC Business Administration Level 2

Subject: Business Administration

Exam Syllabus: OCR Business Administration

Course leader: Mrs Sims


Welcome to Business at APS!

Welcome to Business Administration at Ashton Park Sixth Form. The Sixth Form takes students from a wide range of schools, many of whom will have studied different GCSE or BTEC courses. It is very important that all students start with an equal chance. Therefore the following tasks have been set to ensure you are fully prepared for September.



Produce a presentation (paper based or using ICT) entitled, “Communication in Business”.

This needs to include:

  1. Different examples of the communication methods used in business and when they could be used for example, letter which could be used to contact a customer.
  2. Describe the different communication requirements of the following groups of different audiences (such as those within the business – manager and those outside the business – other companies).
  3. Give reasons why it is important of using correct grammar structure, punctuation, spellings and convention (presentation styles) in business communications.
  4. Explain the importance of using body language and tone of voice when communicating verbally.

After you have completed the above theory tasks, create a leaflet to advertise the Business Administration course to students of your age group, using the website link above for guidance on the course content.

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