Core Maths L3: Maths In Context

Subject: Core Maths

Exam Syllabus: Mathematics in Context (Level 3 Core Maths)

Course leader: Mr Bent

Welcome to the Maths Faculty at APS!

Welcome to core maths! In Core Maths you will explore how maths is used in the real world, see applications and case studies where maths helps us understand what is really going on, rather than what we might get the impression of on social media or in the newspapers.


In this activity you will explore the idea that the area under speed-time graphs can be used to find the distance travelled, you will also use triangles and trapezia to estimate areas under curves.

Using the powerpoint ‘FSMA Speed and distance student’ study carefully then try the below:

  1. The ‘Think about’ points in part A introduces distance travelled, you should recognise the value of 140 and when it occurs and what it represents.
  2. Now make sure you try all the student worksheet questions using the information given in parts A & B
  3. Read through sections C and then attempt the questions in section D; these will be more challenging and those of you searching the internet will find lots of useful links there are a couple below.
FSMA Speed and distance
Edexcel P2 Topic 3 Speed, Acceleration, Graphs
This deals with speed, velocity and acceleration and is nicely accessible.
For a bit more detail.

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