A Level Business Studies

Subject: Business Studies

Exam Syllabus: AQA

Course leader: Mrs Sims

Welcome to Business at APS!

Welcome to A Level Business Studies at Ashton Park Sixth Form.  The Sixth Form takes students from a wide range of schools, many of whom will have studied different GCSE or BTEC courses. It is very important that all students start with an equal chance. Therefore the following tasks have been set to ensure you are fully prepared for September.

At Ashton Park we have used the AQA syllabus at GCSE and the Pearson one at BTEC, but we do not presume that you have studied business at KS4 or expect you to be familiar with this material.


Your task is to investigate 2 Plc.’s of your choice and to create a presentation based on your research. This needs to completed over the summer holiday and should demonstrate your ability to conduct effective research and to analyse your findings. There may be new terms which you are unfamiliar with so it may be useful to start and create your own glossary as this will be beneficial for the future.

Basic rules:

  • they must be contrasting in some way, that is choose from two different industries
  • could be from: pharmaceutical, engineering, technology, oil and energy, production, retail, FMCG (fast moving consumer goods, manufacturing)
  • you must research them from a variety of sources using press articles, info sites and the company’s own website

The comparison must be based on research of the following; you can use this as a framework for your presentation:

  • Brand presence
    • What is their product portfolio?
    • Is there strong brand awareness for the product?
    • Are their products / services household names?
    • Has there been any good / bad press about them? And how has this impacted the business?
  • Ethical practices
    • What do they do for the local community?
    • Are they environmentally friendly?
    • Do they have an area on their website for this?
    • Do they take care of their employees?
  • Financial success
    • Find information about annual revenue / profits, are they up or down?
    • Current and recent changes to share prices
    • Any news of downsizing?
  • Employment practices
    • Can you find an organisational structure?
    • What news articles can you find about the way they manage their staff?
    • How do they motivate staff?
    • Do they have a recruitment page?
    • Are their salaries competitive compared to other companies?
  • Conclusion
    • Do you consider this to be a ‘healthy organisation’?
    • What are the key indicators of the success / failure of your two chosen organisations?

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