A Level Design Technology

Subject: Product Design

Exam Syllabus: Edexcel GCE A level in Design and Technology

Course leader: Mr James

Welcome to Design Technology at APS!

We welcome you to A Level Product Design and look forward to working with you during the next two years. You will develop knowledge and understanding of, and skills and application in, designing products, as well as their research, analysis, project planning and evaluation skills.


Before you join us in September you need to become proficient in the use of Google Sketchup. This may involve you starting from scratch or simply developing your skills.


You may find looking at the getting started section helpful either way especially if it has been a while since you last used the program.

Sketchup is free to download and use at home.

  • Getting started; If you have never used it these 4 tutorials will show you how to draw a house and objects. It gets more complex as you move on.
  • Familiar with Sketchup; This section looks in more detail at different tools. Look at accuracy and layer.
Your Task
Please complete the tutorials. Draw and print and bring to your first lesson the below: 1. A chair 2. A house of the future

To discover more about the subject at a higher level:

  • Books to read Product Design (Portfolio) by Paul Rodgers and Alex Milton.
  • Take a look at this website – http://www.pdesigni.com/

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