A Level Maths

Subject: Mathematics

Exam Syllabus: A Level Mathematics

Course leader: Mr A Bent

Welcome to the Maths Faculty at APS!

Congratulations on choosing to study A Level Mathematics. The course will be rewarding and challenging and this booklet will help make sure you start the course in the best possible way.

There is a huge overlap between what you need to know at the start of the A Level course, and what you should already know from GCSE Mathematics. This booklet highlights the 10 key topics that you need to be able to bring with you from GSCE Mathematics, some practice questions with answers and links to websites should you need help.

PLEASE NOTE: Mathematics is now using the 2017 specification. This is the reformed A level for Mathematics linear 2 year course.


Read through the booklet, and attempt the questions. If you are unsure about any of the topics follow the link to the https://www.drfrostmaths.com/resources.php here you can search for the topic you are unsure of.

Transition - Maths Workbook

Please make sure you are well prepared for the start of the course as you will be given a test during the first week. Use your time wisely!

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