A Level PE

Subject: Physical Education

Exam Syllabus: OCR

Course leader: Mr Mantegna

Welcome to PE at APS!

A-level PE will enable you to know, understand and analyse the major concepts and principles underlying sport and physical education. It helps develop your understanding of the physiological, psychological, social, cultural and historical factors that influence sport and physical education.


We want to ensure that everybody is equally able to access the content of the AS Level and so the following tasks give you a chance to ensure you are fully prepared.

Joint analysis

We will be starting the course with some analysis of movement. If you have done GCSE Physical Education you may already know some of these joint actions but there will also be some new ones to learn. If you have not done GCSE PE this will be a useful way of getting to know the terms that you will need to know to analyse movement accurately.

To help you get off to a good start watch the YouTube video and learn the types of movement possible :

Extension Task – Find out which muscle groups are responsible for these joint actions.

To discover more about the subject at a higher level:

  • You should also get up to date with contemporary issues regarding sport so you should regularly check the BBC Sport pages for and important issues such as drugs, racism, sexist behaviour etc.

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