A Level Photography

Subject: Photography

Exam Syllabus: AQA

Course leader: Mrs Reynolds

Welcome to the Art Department at APS!

Ashton Park School Sixth form gives pupils a chance to study new subjects that they may or may not have experienced at GCSE. We want to ensure that you can get the most out of the A level course and would like to get you started on a simple task to complete over the holidays that you can bring to your first lesson

It should not take too long and for those who are new to the subject just give it a go as you will be helped and told how to improve once the course has started. If you do not have an SLR camera take images on your phone or any camera you have available.

There are also resources available if you want to go deeper into the subject before you start. You can look at the suggested websites or books.


Please see attached task sheet.

Task 1

A level transition task

A level transition template

To discover more about the subject at a higher level:

  • Museums and Galleries are great to visit to see the work of others.
  • Try and get to one of the University Degree Shows, the work is often inspirational!
  • Google AS and A2 Art- see what those who have gone before you have done.

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