AS Art & Design

Subject: Art & Design

Exam Syllabus: AQA GCE Art and Design(Fine Art)

Course leader: Ms Johnstone

Welcome to the Art Department at APS!

AS and A2 Fine Art is a challenging course, one which is designed to stretch and push you as an artist. We will cover a wide range of artistic disciplines, with drawing at its core, before giving you the opportunity to specialise in your preferred style. The reward will be a personalised portfolio of work which you will be proud of.



Task 1:

The best A-Level students will be those who regularly practise their drawing from life and push hard to develop this skill……..

So, with this in mind please produce a pencil drawing of 3 houses or interesting buildings. You should include tonal shading and mark-making in your drawing.

Task 2:

Our theme for term 1 will be landscape. What type of landscape artist do you want to be? Research this theme on the internet and print off 8 examples of work you like. This could be rural, city or urban landscape, you choose! Then, make a copy of one of these images…. Work in a medium suited to the piece you are copying…. Paper, canvas, wood,  it's up to you, as is the scale. This should be an extended piece of work- so take time on it and remember- blend those colours!

To discover more about the subject at a higher level:

  • Museums and Galleries are great to visit to see the work of others.
  • Try and get to one of the University Degree Shows, the work is often inspirational!
  • Google AS and A2 Art- see what those who have gone before you have done.

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