A Level Art & Design

Subject: Art & Design

Exam Syllabus: AQA GCE Art and Design (Fine Art)

Course leader: Ms Johnstone

Welcome to the Art Department at APS!

Fine Art is a challenging yet rewarding course, one which is designed to stretch and push you as an artist.  We will cover a wide range of artistic disciplines, with drawing at its core, before giving you the opportunity to specialise in your preferred style under a theme of your choice!  The reward will be a personalised portfolio of work which you will be proud of and a grade to reflect your commitment.


Task 1:

The best A-Level students will be those who regularly practise their drawing from life and push hard to develop this skill……..

So, with this in mind please produce an A3 pencil drawing from life.  (Not from a photograph or from memory).  This drawing needs to be either a portrait of yourself (from looking in the mirror), a group of kitchen objects or something in the garden.  It can just be a line drawing or have shading.

Task 2:

Find an artist who has painted an image similar in theme to your drawing above- be that a portrait or a still life.  Make an A3 copy of their work using paint, oil pastel or coloured pencil.  Look carefully at the details and colours they include and make sure you show this in your copy!

Both of these outcomes will be included in your A-Level portfolio.

To discover more about the subject at a higher level:

  • Museums and Galleries are great to visit to see the work of others.
  • Try and get to one of the University Degree Shows, the work is often inspirational!
  • Google AS and A2 Art- see what those who have gone before you have done.

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