AS Spanish

Subject: Spanish

Exam Syllabus: Edexcel GCE Spanish

Course leader: Mr Ninnis


Welcome to the Spanish at APS!

Welcome to Spanish A Level at Ashton Park School. Throughout your A Level course you will get the chance to build on the knowledge you gained at GCSE but introducing more contemporary topic areas. You will use the 4 core skills of Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing to help build language-specific areas such as developing your knowledge and use of the Spanish language, carrying out in-depth study of the Spanish-speaking world and advancing your knowledge of the history and structure of the language. It will also allow you to improve wider skills such as research and essay-writing, reasoning and debating and extending your communication skills in English and Spanish.


You will need to revise some key elements that you have studied during GCSE and also start to broaden your knowledge of the Spanish-speaking world. The following tasks should allow you to consolidate what you have learned during the last few years and also to start to look ahead to the next stage of your language learning journey.


Use the attached grammar booklet and to revise the following key grammar points:

  1. Regular present tense – I talk / I am talking / I do talk
  2. Irregular present tense – ser / estar / hacer / ir / tener / haber / querer / poder
  3. Preterite tense – I talked
  4. Imperfect tense – I used to talk
  5. Perfect tense – I have talked
  6. Simple future tense – I will talk
  7. Conditional tense – I would talk
  8. Adjectival agreement – un gato negro / unas manzanas rojas


Write a paragraph (200-300 words) in Spanish to introduce yourself to the rest of the group in your first lesson. You could include:

  • Your name, age, family members, pets.
  • Any sports, hobbies and preferences.
  • What your favourite and least favourite school subjects are and why.
  • What you did during the holidays
  • What your plans are for the future.

Listening & Reading

  1. Listen to news items on the following website which provides reports on current affairs in slow Spanish to help you understand it. You will have to write a summary on several items, as outlined below.

Select a tab on the Demo Episode screen (shown below). Listen to the news item and read the transcript, using the translated notes in red to help you understand the content (hover your mouse over any red text to get an English translation of the word or phrase). Write a 100-120 word summary of the content of the article in English.

Do this for all 4 items.

  1. Using one of the Spanish TV websites below, please select a news item that interests you and write a summary of it similar to the ones above (100-120 words, in English). You will explain your chosen item to the rest of the group in September.


Spanish Transition Workbook

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