BTEC Level 3 Applied Science

Subject: Science

Exam Syllabus: AQA Applied Science (Level 3)

Course leader: Mrs Bessell

Welcome to the Science Dept at APS!

The following task/ tasks are to be completed and brought to your first lesson.


The level of scientific knowledge and techniques available to the modern scientific community allows incredible discoveries and understanding about the world about us. Many of the discoveries and developments we hear about on the news are only possible due to the early work of dedicated and talented scientists who worked hard to uncover the underpinning principles which make the work of the modern day scientist possible.

Your task is to research and present an historic and important scientific discovery that can be linked to modern day understanding

How the work produced will fit into subsequent work and the specification as a whole

As a student following a BTEC course you will need to have the confidence to independently research scientific information and present your findings. You will need to be able to follow detailed success criteria and produce clearly presented assignments that show that you have considered and included the required elements for success.

How the work should be presented

You should produce a written report, which is long enough to address the success criteria. You should focus on the requirements and avoid including any irrelevant (albeit interesting) information.

How the work will be assessed

The work will be assessed by your teacher on how well you have followed the success criteria and the level of detail you include in the assessment. You will be given a grade for the overall task following assessment.

Success criteria

What you need to do to succeed:

Part 1

  • Identify and write a short biography about a scientist who has made an important scientific discovery (Pass grade)
  • Describe clearly what they found out that was so important (Pass grade)
  • Explain how they found out the information e.g. what experiments did they carry out, how did these provide the evidence for the discovery (Merit grade)
  • Analyse how this developed the understanding available to scientists at the time of the discovery e.g. what did scientists already know and how did this improve understanding (Distinction grade)

Part 2

  • Describe a modern day scientific application that the understanding has helped to develop  e.g. a medical treatment, an industrial process, a domestic use (Pass grade)
  • Explain how the information that was discovered has been developed to the level it is used today e.g. a timeline showing how scientists have developed the original discovery adding understanding (Merit grade)
  • Analyse the impact the modern day application has on today’s society (Distinction grade)

The level at which you discuss your research will determine your grade for the assessment. Pass grade is the minimum level followed by merit and distinction.

You will need to structure your work using headings and paragraphs correctly. Spelling, grammar and the use of correct scientific language will also be assessed so check your work.

  • All students should complete the pass grade criteria for each section
  • Most students should complete the merit grade criteria for each section
  • Some students should complete the distinction criteria for each section

At the end of the task indicate which level you have attempted (you should attempt to complete the task at the highest level you can)

Both parts of the task must be completed and information copied and pasted from the internet will not be accepted

Resources to be used

Internet, scientific text books, possibly newspaper/scientific journal reports


Please include a list of book, websites or documents that you used when completing the task.

What equipment will be needed for the subject?

A4 folder/s, lined paper, calculator, general stationery (pens, pencils etc)

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