BTEC L3 Information Technology

Subject: Information Technology

Exam Syllabus: BTEC National Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma Information Technology

Course leader: Miss Ayers


Welcome to the Computing Dept at APS!

Welcome to Level 3 Information Technology. There is a strong practical side to the course in advancing skills in software use and software design and a theoretical side, which looks at how computers work, are configured, and the social implications of increased technology use.


TASK 1 - IT Industry

  1. Write and print your CV.
  2. Find and print out  5 Job descriptions for the IT industry
    1. Highlight the key skills needed for each job ( keywords)
    2. Using these skills write your own job description for your ideal IT job
      1. Write a list of the key skills you need for this job
      2. Find out how you can gain any of these qualifications

TASK 2 - Dummy Guide to Computers

  1. Create a presentation or Audio Presentation titled ‘Dummy Guide to computers’.
    1. Imagine that the person listening/viewing has never seen a computer before and needs to know what components they need and why they need it. Think about how the computer is put together.
    2. You need to include :
      1. Peripherals
      2. Input/Output devices
      3. Internal components of a computer and why you need them ( CPU etc)

Challenge Yourself

Through the course you will be studying units that include Animation, Graphics and Programming. To further prepare yourself for these units go to and select python or Java and work your way through the exercises.

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