Child Care Level 2

Subject: Children’s Care, Learning and Development

Exam Syllabus: Edexcel 

Course leader: -

Welcome to Child Care at APS!

Welcome to BTEC First Diploma in Children’s Care, Learning and Development (CCLD). The course covers a variety of different topics, for example ‘Understanding children’s development’; ‘Keeping children safe’ and ‘Communication with children and adults’. All units will enable you to learn about the key elements of children’s learning and development so that, by the end of the course, you’ll be ready to enter the workplace or to take your studies further. As part of your course, you will be required to undertake 3 different work placements (totalling in excess of 100 hours) where you will be able to put the theory you have learned into action!


  1. In preparation for the work placement element of the CCLD course, write a personal statement explaining the following:
    1. why you are suitable to work in a child care environment
    2. what skills and qualities you have that you think are important when working with children
    3. any relevant experience you have had.
  2. Research 3 potential early years work placements (0 – 7 year olds) where you could carry out your WEX. Try to find places you could work for 1 or 2 week blocks.

Bring your Personal Statements and the details of potential placements to your first CCLD lesson.

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