Core Maths L3: Maths In Context

Subject: Core Maths

Exam Syllabus: Level 3 Mathematics in Context (Level 3 Core Maths)

Course leader: Mr A Bent

Welcome to the Maths Faculty at APS!

Welcome to core maths! In Core Maths you will explore how maths is used in the real world, see applications and case studies where maths helps us understand what is really going on, rather than what we might get the impression of on social media or in the newspapers.


What is the Nenana Ice Classic?

It is an Alaskan tradition, you buy a ticket and on it write down the exact time and date of your prediction of when you think the ice thaws and breaks up on the Tanana River. Prize money is around $250 000 for getting closest. The data on the next page is used to predict the time of the ice break up, it is useful to use some mathematics (frequency analysis) to help analyse the data, try to predict when it broke up this year by looking at frequencies of dates and times of day, then look up below…were you close?

Link at the bottom of next page for date and time of day.





Here is the link to the date and time in 2018…...

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